Separately, we have supported one family that we got to know through our visits to SA. Anne is a single parent with three children, the eldest, Michdon, is now 17. He currently attends a school about 15 miles away from where he lives. There is no public transport, only a mini-bus service. This situation is not unusual for South Africa.

In order for him to continue his education his mother would have to pay for a taxi each way, every day. An alternative was that he could stay in a hostel close by to the school, but his mother was quite rightly concerned about her son living in a hostel because of the various temptations a young man away from home might meet.

The cost of a taxi every day to Anne would be prohibitive, and there is no way that she could afford to pay for the taxi service and to provide for her other two boys. So, to enable Michdon to continue his education we have personally financed the taxi service for the past two years.

The cost works out at around £20 per month, so to us that seemed a little price to pay so that her son could continue his education. Speaking to the young man the last time we were in SA he said that after he has finished his education at 18 he wants to train to be a social worker. He wants to help others, as he has been helped.