It was sad to see that Melanie Marais has left Stockwell, after 8 years of extremely hard work but we all wish her luck in her new venture, she will be missed.

Our trip to Stockwell in January 2019 has once again seen amazing progress.  The number of students attending the school has increased from 180 in 2018 to just over 200 in January of this year.  Stockwell’s reputation continues to grow with success in many areas.

It is well known for the children’s progress in Afrikaans, English and Maths and they are now showing prowess in sports.  The team of educators, led by an energetic and charismatic  Beverley Jonas, is becoming ‘famous’ throughout the Western Cape.

students at aquariumStudents at the aquariumFunding from last year ensured that all the ‘Wendy’ houses were lined inside, so they now meet local authority standards.  The school has had its first organised trip, nicknamed Stockwell-on-Tour;  61 year 6 students and staff were taken to Cape Town and had a wonderful time.  The first highlight of the trip was going through the Huguenot tunnel (3,900m in length), something no child at Stockwell had ever experienced and they were raucous in their approval.

We were also able to provide the promised rugby shirts and enough netball bibs for two teams, so they can now play without having to borrow kit.  We would dearly like to provide them with athletics kit, so if anyone knows how we could achieve this we would love to hear from you.

Although the school has now only got one multi-grade teaching group, it is something  we would like to address.  We have written to the local education authority informing them of our continued support for Stockwell and that our main focus of fundraising this year will provide them with another classroom, however, another teacher would be essential.  We are hoping that the authority will provide the educator needed, if we can provide the building.We have found another exceptional way to raise money (at no cost to the donor), this is done through   Please see details on our donate section.