Although all monies have been put to wonderful use the most important outcome was the employment of a trainee teacher for one year. Not only did this benefit the school but also helped to support the teacher’s family in the community.

With the number of students now on role, Stockwell School faces further challenges. At the moment Stockwell School only has three teachers. The youngest students are taught as a single age group but the older students are taught as a multi-age group, with a minimum of 45 students in one class.

This has a huge impact on the progress of the children, where the students were making excellent progress; there are now concerns over some of the standards reached. This is hardly surprising when you have forty-five  6, 7, and 8 year olds learning together.

The immediate aim of the Friends of Stockwell School is to provide another educator. We have already set this in motion by contacting the local authority and asking if they would meet 50% of the cost of this additional teacher.  Two new teachers have been promised by the local education authority, but for how long is unknown.  

This is one school of many. But if we can reach some children and help them to be educated and have a chance of a better future, there is no better gift! Only by education will things improve for these children and South Africa.

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