Great news. In 2016, one of the aims of The Friends of Stockwell School, was to provide the school with another Educator. We wrote to the Local Authority, outlining the support we had given to the school, and that this support was ongoing. We asked if it was possible that a new Educator could be allocated to Stockwell so that the students could be afforded the opportunity to achieve the highest level possible. It was also important to enhance the hard work already being put into school by their staff. Over the 8 years we have supported the school, the level of commitment from the staff to these children has been nothing short of outstanding.

In January of this year, at the start of the South African new school year, 2 new Educators arrived! What a difference this has already made. Only one class now has multi grade students. There is more room in the classrooms, you can even move around between the desks! We have no doubt that there will be a significant improvement in the progress made by these very important children. They are the future of South Africa.

IMG 2200 opA new classroom had been provided! This houses the Grade 3 students. Although it is already in use, the school has been told that boards need to be put up around the walls to ensure there are no gaps. This will ensure that snakes and spiders cannot enter, and that the children will not hurt themselves on the rough wooden interiors. This has to be the main priority, so it seems we have another project to undertake!

More updates to come!